Rihmer Zoltán
Remarks on the Latin of the Codex Canonum Ecclesiarum Orientalium

Eastern Canon Law 1 (2012) 1–2, 113–156.


    Sommario: Introduction: the linguistic study of the sources of canon law;
    1. The linguistic study of the Latin of the CCEO;
    1.1 The place of the CCEO in the 20th century codification of canon law;
    1.1.1 The modern law codes of the Catholic Church;
    1.1.2 The “textual tradition” of the CCEO in the process of codification;
    1.2 The types of the sources of the CCEO;
    1.3 The existing literature on the Latin of the CCEO;
    2. The principles followed during the coordination of the text of the CCEO;
    2.1 Principles of general language;
    2.1.1 Description of the principles.
    2.1.2 Evaluation of the principles;
    2.2 Principles of special language;
    2.2.1 Description of the principles.
    2.2.2 Evaluation of the principles;
    3. The realisation of the coordinating principles: some features of the Latin of the CCEO;
    3.1 Features of general language;
    3.1.1 Orthography;
    3.1.2 Vocabulary and morphology;
    3.1.3 Syntax; 3.2 Features of special language;
    3.2.1 Correction of certain technical terms of the Latin law;
    3.2.2 Use of technical terms proper to Eastern law;
    3.2.3 Standardisation of technical terms as set phrases;
    3.2.4 Elimination of stylistic varieties; General conclusions [1 to 5].