Helmuth Pree
Rite and Liturgical Law in Eastern Canon Law

Eastern Canon Law 6 (2017) 1, 11–37.


    Sommario: Introduction;
    I. Liturgical Law as a Basic Element of a “Rite”;
    1. The Concept of “Rite”;
    2. The Concept of “Liturgical Law”;
    a) Relationship between “Liturgy” and “Law”;
    b) Problems Concerning the Notion “Liturgical Law”;
    3. The Significance of Liturgy/Liturgical Law within a “Rite” and its Consequences;
    a) Value and Importance of the “patrimonium liturgicum”;
    b) Consequences at the Level of Liturgical Law;
    II. “Rite” as Constitutive Element of an “Ecclesia sui iuris”?